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About Us

Aeon Media was launched in London in 2012 with our inaugural magazine, Aeon.

Aeon has established itself as a unique digital magazine, publishing some of the most profound and provocative thinking on the web. We ask the big questions and find the freshest, most original answers, provided by leading thinkers on science, philosophy, society and the arts. Aeon’s signature format is the long-form essay, accompanied by immersive photographs and illustrations, and a program of curated short documentary videos.

We launched Psyche magazine in 2020. Psyche draws on the latest research findings from psychology and related disciplines to help readers better understand themselves and others. Psyche provides trustworthy, expert and up-to-date information on mental health and life skills. Psyche also showcases philosophical and artistic perspectives through our articles and films.

We are committed to keeping Aeon and Psyche freely available for all. We don’t have a paywall nor do we accept advertising on our sites. The magazines are funded by reader donations, grants and philanthropic gifts. We publish new content every weekday.

In 2022, we launched the Sophia Club, an international events program that showcases Live Philosophy through spirited conversations between a host and expert guests, woven together with performances by musicians and artists. We hold Sophia Club events in Melbourne, New York and London, and will open a permanent home for Sophia Club Melbourne in 2025.

We are a not-for-profit, registered charity operated by Aeon Media Group Ltd. Aeon is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation in Australia and, through its affiliate Aeon America Inc (EIN 81-3741044), registered as a 501(c)(3) charity in the United States.

The directors of Aeon Media are Paul Hains, Brigid Hains and Kirsten Freeman. Our head office is in Melbourne, with editorial offices in London and New York.

Our Values

We explore the big, existentially significant questions and look for answers that reflect the complexity of our world.

Our focus is on perennial and evergreen ideas: not the news of the moment but the deeper currents and questions that animate our times.

We are dedicated to the craft of translating specialist knowledge for a diverse, global audience.

We are committed to a democratic ethos, to being freely accessible to the curious lay reader or audience member.

Pluralism is at the heart of what we do. We recognise that understanding the world in a rich and full way takes many approaches – from the formal and academic, to the practical and experiential, and on to the poetic and imaginative.

We have an empirical approach to knowledge, ranging broadly from academic rigour to the expertise of skills and know-how.

We are committed to education in a broad sense, as part of a belief in lifelong learning.

We publish and present elegantly crafted work, which invokes pleasure and delight while being rigorous and educational.

We are a global and cosmopolitan enterprise, but one that also has a commitment to place through our Sophia Club events.

Aeon is grounded in the belief that a better world is possible. We aim to move beyond scepticism and to be hopeful for the future.

We are driven by a hunger for the new, and seek out bold and challenging thinking.

Our trustworthiness as a source of knowledge is underpinned by a commitment to independence, editorial excellence and factual accuracy.


Join our international team. We are committed to big ideas, serious enquiry and a humane worldview. That’s it.

You’ll join a group of people who enjoy each other’s company and believe ideas can make a difference.

You can read our mission and organisational values here.

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